O'cuisine French glass expert mixing bowl - 4.2lt

O'cuisine French glass expert mixing bowl - 4.2lt
Thick, durable, clear borosilicate glass mixing bowl. Made in French.

A great mixing bowl that can measure at the same time.
The different angles based allow you to mix with the bowl straight up or on an angle and shaped ideally to aerate your ingredients like a profesional, whether your mixture is thick or thin.
Pour batters easily using the spout or measure using the metric or imperial measurements.
Made in France, Ô cuisine produces high quality borosilicate glass cookware.
Tempered borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant, which means you can take your glassware straight from the freezer to the microwave without shattering. 
Microwave, dishwasher, oven, freezer safe.

NZ$ 39.90
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