Instant Vortex Plus Mini Air Fryer - 2 litre

Instant Vortex Plus Mini Air Fryer - 2 litre
The Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Mini  Air Fryer is easy, fast, versatile, compact, and convenient, so you can make all your favorite fried sides and snacks with less of the oil and none of the mess.

This small air fryer is available in multiple colors and features EvenCrisp™ technology for crisp, tender results every time.
Air Fry  juicy chicken wings and crispy fries, onion rings, and fried pickles.
Bake fluffy cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. Roast a zesty lemon chicken, stuffed peppers, and garlicky potatoes; and best of all. Reheat any leftovers perfectly.
With 4 Smart Programs you can customize any way you want, sacrifice the calories, not the experience!
The Instant™ air fryer was designed to support your healthy lifestyle, and is brought to you by the makers of Instant Pot®, Australia’s #1 most loved appliance.
Volume: 2 litre
Size: Outer 27 x 29 x 20cm (D x H x W)

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