Westmark Cling Film and Foil Dispenser

Westmark Cling Film and Foil Dispenser
This cling film/ foil dispenser with serrated edge is perfect for holding your roll of aluminum foil or cling film in your hand and much more practical than a wall-mounted unit.

Simply insert a roll of Aluminum foil or Plastic Wrap, and the Dispenser enables you to attach the films easily and accurately.
Refilling it easy. Simply open the cover the cover, insert the roll and close it.
Suitable for all Rolls that do not exceed the internal dimensions of the foil dispenser.
Easy to use dispenser for cling film or foilJust pull, press and releaseFits into a drawer or can be wall-mountedTakes the standard 30cm refill rolls of Super Cling or Strong Foil
Made in Germany
Size: 34.5 x 55mm (L x W)

NZ$ 29.90
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