Traditional Spanish Tagine - 27cm

Traditional Spanish Tagine - 27cm
Create an original Moroccan casserole in this traditional, handmade clay tagine. Three colours to choose from...

Made by a small family pottery in Catalonia, Spain, these traditional, hand made, high quality, glazed clay Tagines consist of a circular flat base with low sides and a large cone-shaped lid that sits on the base during cooking.
Tagines refers to both the vessel and dishes that a cooked inside and are traditionally cooked over hot charcoals leaving an adequate space between the coals and the tajine pot to avoid having the temperature rise too quickly (and crack the tagine).
The cover is designed to return all condensation to the bottom.  This tenderness can be improved by adding cold water into the specially designed well at the top of the lid.
The deeper base is more typical of Spanish tagines and can be used as a cazuela without the lid.
Use at very low tempoatures on direct heat (electricity, gas, bbq, fire) or in the oven
Handmade in Catalonia, Spain, each piece is unique and may contain small imperfections which only add to their character.
This clay tagine needs to be soaked in water for 24 hours (further instructions included).
Size: 27cm / 1500ml

Use and Care
Soak the tagine base in water overnight before using it for the first time.
Season the inside of the lid by rubbing with olive oil.
Put the tagine lid into a cold oven, turn the oven to low heat and leave for 1½ to 2 hours.
Do not put the base on the heat empty.
Always begin cooking on a low heat.
The heat can be increased once the dish is warm.
Do not subject to abrupt temperature changes.
Suitable for use on gas or electric hobs, open fires and barbecues.
Wash the tagine by hand with soapy water.
Rinse well.
Dry thoroughly before storing, especially in humid climates.
Further instructions, care and use are in leaflet enclosed with Tagine and must be followed.

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