Magimix Patissier multifunction cake mixer

Magimix Patissier multifunction cake mixer
The stunning French Magimix Patissier may be the only kitchen appliance you will ever need. This multi-functional appliance is perfect for use as a stand mixed, a food processor, a blender, a juicer and more.

The Pâtissier is so simple. The motor automatically adjusts it's power for each task. It is manufactured in France and equipped with a powerful, ultra quiet induction motor. Sabatier stainless steel blades are also made in France and stay sharper for longer.

Heavy Duty Dough / Pastry Blade : Used with the stainless steel bowl, the dough/pastry blade is perfect for kneading bread or pastry dough in less than 1 minute.
Whisk : The whisk attachment is perfect for getting fluffy egg whites (up to 12 eggs) for mousse, merigue, macarons. It can also whip cream effortlessly for that professional result.
Blender Mix : Fitted with the master blade, the Blender Mix converts your food processor into a blender. By changing the flow of the ingredients, this simple tool adds yet another function to your Magimix.
Dicing Kit : Magimix innovation now allows you to dice. The first of it's kind on the market, the dicing kit can be used to make cubes out of just about anything from onions to potatoes to carrots and much more. Leave the Magimix off and use it as a kit for French Fries!
Master Blade : This multipurpose metal master blade is ideal for doing a host of things. From mincing meat, crushing ice, pureeing soups and much more. Made from Sabatier steel, the master blade will help you achieve professional results everytime.
Juice Exractor Kit : Convert your Patissier into a juicer with the Juice Extractor kit. Juice any vegetable for healthy drinks without additives. It is also great for berries and cooked vegetables. The removeable ring allows for easy cleaning.
Citrus Press : You can also convert your Patissier into a Citrus Press. Just pop the included attachment on the main bowl and you are ready to juice oranges, limes, lemons and any other citrus fruit.
Slicing Grating : Your Patissier comes with 2 slicing and 2 grating discs. Ideal for slicing and grating any fruit or vegetable with ease.

Stainless steel bowl for pastry and bakery needs
Stainless kneader and mixer
Egg whisk
Smoothie mixer
Puree/compote press
Metal cutter
Blender mixer
Grater discs
Slicer dics
1 stainless steel bowl: 4.9 litres
3 transparent multi-functional bowls:
Large: 3.6L, Medium: 2.6L, Mini: 1.2L
A recipe book
Blade safe storage box

Capacity examples:
Brioche: 1.3kg
Bread dough: 1.6kg
Pastry: 1.8kg
Egg whites: 12
Carrots: 1.4kg
Minced meat: 1.4kg

Power: 1500 W - Whisper Quiet
Warranty: 3 years parts/ 2 years labor/
Engine Warranty: 30 years
Dimensions: H376 x L210 x P276 mm
Weight: 13 kg

Made in France

Please note: This Magimix appliance is available on-line only.  It is not held in-store.


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