Peer Sorensen bamboo reversible chopping board

Peer Sorensen bamboo reversible chopping board
This Peer Sorensen Bamboo reversible chopping board with juice groove is durable, lightweight and versatile.

It is can be used on both sides - one with a juice groove that collects liquids created from food prep and gives you the option of cutting juicy meats or fruits that generally would run and make a mess on bench tops.   .
This board is ideal for the busy family who is after a reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean food prep surface. 
The lightweight and light colour of these bamboo boards also make these a perfect presentation platter for use at the table, plating cheeses, fruit and so much more!
Although these are dishwasher safe, to extend the lifetime of your boards, we recommend handwashing these when possible.
Constructed with organically grown bamboo wood
BPA free
Dishwasher safe
Size: 42 x 29cm

NZ$ 49.90
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