Bodum ePebo electric vacuum syphon coffee maker

Bodum ePebo electric vacuum syphon coffee maker
Create smooth, tasteful coffee with the electric version of the original Bodum Pebo vacuum syphon coffee maker.

A lot of coffee has been drunk since the founder Peter Bodum introduced the Santos vacuum coffee pot back in the 1950s. It was revolutionary at the time, not only because it made delicious aromatic coffee in no time at all, but also because of its patented filter. Being an integral part of the coffee maker, there was no need for either cloth or paper filters. 
No need for filter paper and coffee capsules
Adopts Bodum classic Borosilicate glass, which has the characteristics of heat proof and explosion proof, better temperature retention than normal glasses
The vacuum siphon method retains the aroma of coffee and retains the original flavor of coffee
The brewing time and temperature are perfectly calibrated to ensure that each cup of coffee is delicious
The magical brewing process of the siphon coffee maker allows one to fully experience the pleasure of brewing coffee
According to the amount of water used, brewing is completed within 4-6 minutes
Keep-warm button for up to 30 minutes
Borosilicate glass, stable temp.
Auto-complete within 4-6 mins
Size: 1 liter / 6-8 cups

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