Dissco black iron pizza pan with holes - 20cm

Dissco black iron pizza pan with holes - 20cm
Just as they use in Italy, made in New Zealand this black iron pizza pan is just like the genuine thing!

Made with a rolled edge so dough can be placed over the pan and then cut off, black iron pizza pans are recognised as a superior cookware medium due to its durability, strength, and ability to withstand high heat.
It is essential that your "season" your black iron pizza pan before use.

Must follow instructions to season your pizza pan.
Expect your pan to darken upon use, this is an indication of a well seasoned pan.

Pan comes complete with easy to follow seasoning instructions.

The discolouring and marks in the picture are due to the oil and plastic bag protecting the iron surface. They will be removed when seasoning.

Depending on size of pan, the quantity of holes may differ.

Size: 20cm

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