Anolon Cookware

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Designed for creativity in the kitchen Anolon is for the creative home chef who wants cookware with exceptional craftsmanship and cutting edge designs, to aid their culinary passion and provide the perfect tools in the kitchen.

  • Anolon Endurance milk pan - 14cm
    This heavy duty, high quality non-stick milk pan with double pouring lip is perfect for warming milk, makeing gravies, boiling eggs and more.
    NZ$ 129.90
  • Anolon Endurance+ saucepan - 18cm/ 2.8L
    This covered saucepan is perfect when you need cookware with a snug lid to quickly heat soup, or beans.
    NZ$ 219.90
    NZ$ 169.90
  • Anolon Endurance+ saucepan - 20cm/ 3.8L
    Blanch vegetabkes or cook a pot of fluffy white rice on this everyday pan. This pan is perfect for a family sized batch of oatmeal or a side of healthy steamed broccoli.
    NZ$ 249.90
    NZ$ 179.90
  • Anolon Endurance+ sauteuse - 28cm/4.7L
    Whether for company or for family meals, this generously sized pan is excellent for assembling a gala dinner of thick juicy pork chops, coq au vin, or steaks such as filets mignon.
    NZ$ 319.90
    NZ$ 249.90
  • Anolon Endurance French skillet - 20cm
    With less surface area is needed this small Anolon French skillet gets the job done quickly and holds the heat superbly.
    NZ$ 129.90
    NZ$ 99.90
  • Anolon Endurance French skillet - 24cm
    This medium sized skillet is perfect for many cooking tasks, like sautéing a couple of chicken breasts or making a batch of scrambled eggs.
    NZ$ 199.90
    NZ$ 149.90
  • Anolon Endurance French skillet - 28cm
    This skillet is perfect for browning or searing your favourite cuts of meat, stir frying vegetables for your whole family.
    NZ$ 249.90
    NZ$ 184.90
  • Anolon Endurance French skillet - 30cm
    This skillet is perfect for browning or searing your favourite cuts of meat, stir frying vegetables for your whole family.
    NZ$ 299.90
    NZ$ 209.90
  • Anolon Endurance stock pot with pasta insert - 24cm
    This Anolon Endurance stock pot has a super strong non-stick surface, with a thick base that is suitable for use on any kind of cooking surface – including induction. Including an additional pasta/ steamer insert, this is a perfect stock pot.
    NZ$ 379.90
    NZ$ 249.90

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