Joseph Joseph Kitchen Tools

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  • Joseph Joseph Bloom folding steamer
    Steam your vegetables to perfection in the Joseph Joseph Bloom steamer basket.
    NZ$ 49.90
    NZ$ 39.92
  • Joseph Joseph Catcher citrus reamer
    Joseph Joseph Catcher The clever design of this citrus reamer means the flexible cup catches the pips whilst allowing the juice to drain through.
    NZ$ 39.90
    NZ$ 35.91
  • Joseph Joseph SafeStore Y-peeler
    The Joseph Joseph SafeStore Y-peeler has a sharp stainless-steel blade with integrated blade guard in handle and a potato eye remover.
    NZ$ 24.90
    NZ$ 22.41
  • Joseph Joseph SafeStore julienne peeler
    This Y-shaped julienne peeler has an integrated blade guard to keep the blade & your fingers protected when reaching for it in the drawer.
    NZ$ 24.90
    NZ$ 22.41
  • Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel straight peeler
    The multi-peel straight peeler with scraping tool is a comprehensive peeler with four highly-effective functions.
    NZ$ 21.90
    NZ$ 19.71
  • Joseph Joseph Pivot 3-in-1 Can Opener
    This multi-function gadget looks similar to a standard can opener but actually features three handy tools in one!
    NZ$ 39.90
    NZ$ 35.91
  • Joseph Joseph Can-Do can opener
    Clever and compact, with an easy-twist handle, this pocket-sized device does away with the cumbersome handles of other can openers!
    NZ$ 49.90
    NZ$ 44.91
  • Joseph Joseph Cleanforce garlic press
    This powerful garlic press crushes cloves with ease and features a wiper blade and a handy scraping tool for easy cleaning.
    NZ$ 49.90
    NZ$ 44.91
  • Joseph Joseph Multi-Prep set
    This clever Joseph Joseph Multi-Prep 4-piece preparation set features four interchangeable discs for different salad preparation tasks – salad spinning, spiralizing, grating and slicing.
    NZ$ 109.90
    NZ$ 98.91
  • Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus - large
    The Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus is the original folding chopping board that makes food transfer easy.
    NZ$ 49.90
    NZ$ 44.91
  • Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve bamboo chopping board
    This heavy-duty chopping board is made from tough, natural bamboo and features an integrated food grip for holding meat, vegetable and bread whilst cutting.
    NZ$ 129.90
    NZ$ 116.91
  • Joseph Joseph Dash granite pestle & mortar
    The heavy-weight pestle and mortar are carved from the same hard-wearing, natural granite, making them perfect for crushing garlic, grinding spices, pounding herbs and making pesto and salsas.
    NZ$ 119.90
    NZ$ 107.91
  • Joseph Joseph Duo In-Drawer knife tray
    Storing sharp knives loosely in drawers can be dangerous and may also damage expensive blades.
    NZ$ 59.90
    NZ$ 53.91
  • Joseph Joseph Duo foldable draining mat
    This handy drying mat from Joseph Joseph allows you to create extra draining space almost anywhere.
    NZ$ 29.90
    NZ$ 26.91
  • Joseph Joseph Flume draining mat
    This handy silicone mat provide a soft rubber surface for draining a variety of items and are perfect for creating extra draining space when required.
    NZ$ 79.90
    NZ$ 71.91
  • Joseph Joseph Grip-Pin rolling pin
    This unique rolling pin features wide, contoured handles that provide comfortable support for the hands and wrists as you roll.
    NZ$ 69.90
    NZ$ 55.92
  • Joseph Joseph Sipp Steel travel mug - 340 ml
    Joseph Joseph Sipp Steel travel mug is made from double-wall insulated stainless steel so it remains cool to the touch and helps keep drinks hotter for longer.
    NZ$ 49.90
    NZ$ 44.91
  • Joseph Joseph Switch scales
    This multi-functional digital scale is a versatile kitchen device which offers two options for weighing.
    NZ$ 149.90
    NZ$ 134.91
  • Joseph Joseph Twist whisk
    With a simple twist of the handle, this clever Joseph  Joseph Twist 2-in-1 silicon whisk switches between two different types of whisk.
    NZ$ 29.90
    NZ$ 26.91
  • Joseph Joseph Duo 3-in-1 avocado tool
    Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively with the Joseph Joseph Duo 3-in-1 avocado tool.
    NZ$ 27.90
    NZ$ 25.11



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