Joseph Joseph Flume draining mat

Joseph Joseph Flume draining mat
  • Joseph Joseph Flume draining mat
This handy silicone mat provide a soft rubber surface for draining a variety of items and are perfect for creating extra draining space when required.

The distinctive parallel ribs prevent water from being trapped in the upturned mouths of cups, glasses and bowls and help direct water to the central channel, from where it can be easily drained.
By simply picking up the corners either side of the central channel, Flume will naturally fold allowing water to be gently poured away.
Updated for Spring, this new design is easier to clean, provides a flatter surface for draining glassware and now comes in a new larger size for even more draining space.
Folding design makes draining into a sink easy.
Soft rubber surface protects crockery and glasses from chips and scratches.
Create additional draining space anywhere.
Parallel ribs prevent trapped water in the upturned mouths of crockery.
Hand wash only.
Size: 43.5cm x 31.5cm x 0.95cm (L x W x H)

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