Taidea diamond knife sharpener - 30cm

Taidea diamond knife sharpener - 30cm
The Taidea durable, non-slip, fine diamond knife sharpening steel is lightweight, well balanced and easy to use.

Coated in a very fine layer of diamond dust, this taidea diamond-electroplated coating is harder than the steel that your knife is made from and can easily "hone" your knife's edge.
This ensures an efficient, fast and sharp result.
For use in all areas of home and business.
Excellent for hunters, butchers, chefs, fisherman, and for the home kitchen.
This steel will sharpen all types and sizes of knives from pocket knives to professional forged knives.
The oval profile makes for an easy and more accurate finish and the handle design is both aesthetic and practical.
Size: 30cm

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