Cookware Extras


  • Bialetti Induction Plate - 20cm
    This induction stove top adapter is designed by Bialetti to allow non-induction compatible coffee makers and pots to function on induction stoves.
    NZ$ 69.90
  • Crepe spreader
    NZ$ 9.90
  • Hot handle holder
    Slip these handle holders over the handles of your pan and skillet handles to protect your hands.
    NZ$ 29.90
  • D-line ham stand
    This ham stand enables you to easily carve your meat in style, even at the table to impress your guests!
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Omelette pan and poacher
    Omelettes and poached eggs are made easy with this non-stick omelette pan.  You can prepare perfect omelets and poached eggs in a jiffy!
    NZ$ 59.90
  • D-line vegetable steamer - 23cm
    Steaming vegetables is the best way to preserve their flavour and natural goodness.
    NZ$ 19.90
  • D-line vegetable steamer basket - 28cm
    Steaming vegetables is the best way to preserve their flavour and natural goodness.
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Joseph Joseph Bloom folding steamer
    Steam your vegetables to perfection in the Joseph Joseph Bloom steamer basket.
    NZ$ 49.90
  • Delux tortilla press - 20cm
    Capture the true essence of Mexican cooking with this beautifully authentic tortilla press, perfect for making delicious home made tortillas and tacos.
    NZ$ 89.90
  • Anolon Endurance milk pan - 14cm
    This heavy duty, high quality 3 layer non-stick milk pan with double pouring lip is perfect for warming milk, makeing gravies, boiling eggs and more.
    NZ$ 109.90
  • Esteele universal steamer - 16/18/20cm
    Fitting comfortably into 16, 18 and 20cm saucepans, this versatile steamer is an ideal accessory for steaming vegetables as well as dim sims, clams and fish.
    NZ$ 109.90
  • Agee simmer mat/ heat diffuser - 20cm
    No more burnt food. No more boiling pots dry. Replace the need for a slow cooker, double boiler and rice cooker, the original simmer mat makes long slow simmering easy.
    NZ$ 39.90
    Out Of Stock
  • Stainless steel fish poacher - 46cm
    This stainless steel fish poacher has a perforated stainless steel lift-out rack which ensures the poached fish is removed without damage.
    NZ$ 129.90
  • D-line adjustable roasting rack
    This adjustable roasting rack can be used flat for any sized roast and it can also be used to hold a roast of any type to ensure it stays intact during cooking.
    NZ$ 19.90
  • D-line pot rack/ trivet
    Use this as a small cooling rack or trivet for a small pot.
    NZ$ 14.90
  • D-line reversable roasting rack
    Hand washing recommended
    Size: 24 x 17.5cn
    NZ$ 19.90
  • D-line roasting rack
    size: 30 x 20cm
    NZ$ 19.90
  • Stainlass steel carving tray
    This high quality stainless steel carving tray with spikes is a perfect accessory for all occasions.
    NZ$ 69.90
  • Kilner fermentation set
    The Kilner Fermentation set provides the easy way to create you own delicious fermented foods packed with vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures. Perfect for creating live cultures of sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and much more.
    NZ$ 99.90
  • Town Talk brass and copper polish - 250ml
    There'll be no more hassle when using this Brass & Copper Polish – only wonderful, shiny surfaces!
    NZ$ 24.90
  • Town Talk stainless steel polish - 250ml
    A must have product in every home! Specially formulated to leave all stainless steel surfaces and items sparkling clean.
    NZ$ 24.90
  • Splatter screen - 29cm
    The splatter screen ideal for covering your pans and lid-less pots for safe and mess free cooking.
    NZ$ 19.90
  • Splatter screen - 33cm
    The splatter screen ideal for covering your pans and lid-less pots for safe and mess free cooking.
    NZ$ 29.90

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