Agee simmer matt/ heat diffuser - 20cm

Agee simmer matt/ heat diffuser - 20cm
No more burnt food. No more boiling pots dry. Replace the need for a slow cooker, double boiler and rice cooker, the original simmer mat makes long slow simmering easy.
It's especially ideal for soups, casseroles, melting chocolate, rice, sauces, jams and custards and can be used on any cooking surfaces.
Round plate with points on one side - depending on the type of cooking surface the points should be placed either face up or down
Used on any cooking surface (including induction - where it can also be used as an interface to allow non-induction cookware to be used).
Perfect heat control
Consistently simmer food slowly, even on gas
Eliminates steam and cooking odors
Prevents food burning
Easy to use
Size: 20cm
NZ$ 39.90
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