Barista + Co Twist Press

Barista + Co Twist Press
The quickest way to brew coffee anywhere.' A different way to brew, different in every good way and you won't go back!

The Twist Press compact coffee maker utilises a rapid brewing method that combines techniques from pour over, immersion and pressurised brewing to produce a fresh coffee in as little as 60 seconds.
The patent-pending twist motion both reduces the effort required to brew and eliminates any downward pressure on the drinking vessel beneath, meaning no spills.
Designed and made to travel with coffee storage, it will always be there wherever the journey takes you.
The new version has the addition of a silicone seal which allows a higher pressure in the chamber and use with a finer grind coffee.
To help with preparation the alignment marks are now in white making them more visible.
The body of the coffee will depend on the chosen filter, capable of producing a strong coffee that can be used as a base for a variety of drinks from an americano to a cappuccino (when frothed milk is added) or even an espresso martini.
When using a paper filter – a clean and flavoursome coffee with a light body and no sediment
When using the metal filter - a textured, full bodied coffee like a cafetiere 

Tip: Whilst preparing your brew you can expect some drips to pass through the filter, this is perfectly normal and enhances the flavour of the brew, once you insert the plunger handle the silicone seal will make a vacuum and stop any dripping. 
If you would prefer to have no dripping at all, you can also brew using the flipped method, read the full flipped method below.

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