AUT Bachelor of / Diploma in Culinary Arts

AUT Bachelor of / Diploma in Culinary Arts
This set of top quality equipment for both year 1 and 2, including well known brands for the AUT Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Diploma in Culinary Arts is now available at 40% off the retail price!

4 x Commercial Grade Cotton Tea Towel
1 x Sharpening Steel
1 x Cooks Knife - 20-25cm
1 x Filleting Knife - 20cm
1 x Boning Knife - 15cm
1 x Carving/ Bread/ Pastry Knife - 26cm
1 x Paring Knife - 10cm
1 x Turning Knife
1 x Knife Roll
1 x Kitchen Scissors
1 x Speed Peeler
1 x Re-usable Piping Bag - Approx. 45cm
2 x Nozzle Icing Tip Set - Star and Plain - 6pc ea
1 x Measuring Spoon S/S Set - 4pc
1 x Palette Knife - Angled S/S - 20cm
1 x Palette Knife - Straight S/S - 10cm
1 x Whisk S/S Handle - 25-28cm
2 x Wooden Spoon - 30-35cm
1 x Wooden Pastry Brush - 20-30mm
1 x Digital Temperature Probe
(-50 - 300 degrees celcius)
1 x S/S Tongs - 20-25cm
1 x Sauce Ladle
2 x Tea Spoons
1 x Table Knife
1 x Table Fork
1 x Table Spoon
2 x Desert Spoons
1 x Pastry Scrapper - Plain
1 x Heat Resistant Rubber Spatula - 30cm
1 x Ruler - Metal - 30cm
1 x Padlock
TOTAL VALUE: $1150.00
Student Price: $690.00 - 40% DISCOUNT!
Sizes of the jackets, pants and shoes are required. Size options can be seen in each individual topic. Please add your required sizes under "Additional Comments".
All products included for this set have been carefully chosen and are top quality, long lasting brands. This set can be modified. Items can be replaced, added or removed and price will be adjusted accordingly. All items can also be bought individually. Send us an email if any differences are required. Thank you.
Students will receive a 15% Discount in store on other purchases (unless already discounted.

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