de Buyer French blini pan - 12cm

de Buyer French blini pan - 12cm
  • de Buyer French blini pan - 12cm
Made in France, the traditional de Buyer blini pan is the perfect pan for cooking the Russian speciality blini, as well as fritters, pancakes or spices.

These authentic blini pans are made in France of high quality steel which is designed to respond very quickly to heat changes and improve over time.
Can be used on gas and electric cookers and can also be used on open flame and charcoal grills.
They are extremely durable but need to be seasoned before initial use and washed, dried and oiled immediately after use.
N.B. These pans can rust if not dried immediately after washing and lightly rubbed with vegetable oil prior to storage. If rusting does occur it can be easily removed by an abrasive cleaner.
Size: 12cm dia
Made in France

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