Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon chefs knife - 20cm

Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon chefs knife - 20cm
  • Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon chefs knife - 20cm
This knife is made of ultra-hard SG2 micro-carbide stainless steel with 96 layers of high-carbon stainless steel on each side, producing a 193-layer premium, rust-resistant handmade Damascus beaten Yaxell Super Gou Ypsilon chef's knife.

The hardness, sharpness and super quality make this range of Yaxell knives the most popular and sought-after range of Damascus knives available.
This all-purpose knife is made by craftsmen using traditional Japanese sword-making techniques and advanced technology.
It has an unprecedented rating of HRC63 in the Rockwell hardness test to make its sharpness last longer.
It's curved belly allows the cook to effortlessly use it for chopping with a slight rocking motion.
The micarta handle is made with compressed linen and resin for superior durability and moisture resistance.
The chrysanthemum crest inlaid on the handle and the beautiful individual Damascus pattern on the blade add to bespoke cutting experience ardent cooks will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.
This go-to knife in any chef's collection is perfect for most cutting tasks from dicing and mincing fresh produce to carving meat.
The Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon knife comes with a custom Katana-inspired maple wood sheath.
The blade core is made of ultra-hard SG2 powdered stainless steel with a micro carbide distribution.
It is clad by 192 layers of stainless steel, 96 layers on each side, creating a beautiful Damascus pattern on the blade for an exquisite look as well as added toughness and protection.
Blade hardness is HRC63 Rockwell, which gives the knife edge exceptional strength and retention with no risk of chipping during normal use (your knife should always be used in a straight motions and cutting bones should not be attempted.
The Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon knife is honed with a double bevel edge and hand-sharpened to approximately 12 degrees on both sides for incredible razor sharpness.
The elegant black handle is made of micarta, a water-resistant and highly durable resin and linen material, is contoured to rest easily in the handSolid forged stainless steel end and bolster are seamlessly welded to the blade to provide a stable and comfortable grip.
A traditional Japanese Samurai family crest is inlaid on the handle to represent the multi-generational family of blade forgers who worked behind the success of Yaxell.
Hand-engraved Japanese characters on the blade stand for Super Gou, the samurai spirit.
Yaxell GOU Super Ypsilon knives are crafted in the heart of Seki, the Japanese capital of sword and knife-making for over 700 years.
Premium, sharp knife that suits both left and right-handed users.
Handwash only - Do not wash in dishwasher or leave to soak.
Made in Japan.

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