Yaxell combination whetstone 1000/3000

Yaxell combination whetstone 1000/3000
Make the most of the superior quality of your premium knives through the 1000 and 3000-grit Yaxell Combination Whetstone.

With this dual sharpening tool, edges can be renewed and honed. The levelling stone and guide rail included in this all-in set ensure that sharpening process is perfected with confident strokes. A detailed manual also shows how kitchen enthusiasts and professionals alike can sharpen their knives properly and keep them in excellent condition.
Two-sided ceramic whetstones for reviving and maintaining the sharpness of your knives
Comes with a 1000-grit stone that removes coarse scratches and a 3000-grit stone ideal for basic polishing and finishing
Includes a levelling stone to clear the water stone of any grooves, concave spots, or metal particles
Sharpening guide rail helps maintain a 10 to 20° angle while using the whetstone
Non-slip rubber base keeps the whetstone in place to ensure stable and safe sharpening
Sharpening stone needs to be pre-soaked in water with the base for 10 minutes before useSet has a clear step-by-step guide on how to sharpen your knives properly

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