Bartender soda siphon

Bartender soda siphon
The Bartender soda siphon allows you to prepare sparkling water quickly and economically.

It is very straightforward and can be used when and where you wish - simply pour water into the bottle, insert the charger then press the handle and you will create 1 siphon - 1 liter of soda water.
The attractive, modern design makes this gadget a real eye-catcher on any table. Compliment your favorite Scotch or mix with healthy fruit juices, and for the wine fans – make a refreshing spritzer!
Extra advantages of using a soda syphon:
Keeps you from having to carry home all those heavy bottles from the grocery store. Allows you to control exactly what you are drinking. When making homemade club soda (seltzer water), you can use clean filtered water that contains no preservatives or sodium. The fizz in your soda is maintained until the end, unlike bottles, which go flat. Mix your club soda with your favourite fruit juices, wine, or complement your Scotch. You don’t have to worry about recycling all those plastic bottles. You save money per litre of club soda you drink.
Capacity: 1 litre
NB: bulbs are sold separately

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