Professional cream whipper - 500ml

Professional cream whipper - 500ml
Using this whipped cream siphon you will create delicious whipped cream in just a few seconds!

This easy to use whipped cream siphon is a must have for everyone who likes to enjoy a little whipped cream once in a while. The cream whipper is perfect for adding whipped cream to coffee, cakes, ice cream, or fruit.

This fantastic whipped cream siphon allows you to easily prepare fresh whipped cream and you are also able to store it in your fridge where the whipped cream will stay fresh for up to 10 days.

With this whipped cream dispenser, you will never have to buy those chemical whipped creams the grocery stores are selling. The fluff of your home made whipped cream will maintain until the bottle is empty. You can also add some flavor to your whipped cream; chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, caramel, and more.

Capacity: 0.5 litre

NB: cartridges are sold separatel

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