Primula cold brew coffee maker

Primula cold brew coffee maker
Enjoy smooth, delicious cold brew coffee at home. Also great for iced tea and infused beverages.

A simple four step process:
1) Add coffee grounds to brew filter.
2) Pour cold water over coffee.
3) Brew in the refrigerator overnight (or longer if you prefer stronger coffee.
4) Serve and enjoy.
Non- slip silicone base protects the glass from accidental slips.
Use your favourite coffee grounds or tea and base your brew time on desired strength.
Coffee lovers enjoy less acidic coffee and can add their favourite flavours such as vanilla, cinnamon or coconut before cold brewing while tea lovers can add mint or citrus zest.
The pace is dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze. Includes a removable brew filter with a removable bottom to easily empty used grounds.
Size:19.5cm x 17.5cm (H x W - incl handle)
Volume: 1.5L

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