Cake Decorating Ingredients

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  • Carolines cake decorators rose spirit
    Create an edible lustre in your cakes paint and powders and can be applied to gum paste and rolled fondant icing.
    NZ$ 7.90
  • Carolines flower and leaf glaze
    Edible flower and leaf glaze is the perfect confectioners varnish for use on sugar flowers and other edible items to give a natural looking, protective matt sheen.
    NZ$ 7.90
  • Carolines sugar flower glue - 15ml
    This flower glue is an edible glue for cake decorating.
    NZ$ 9.90
  • Tylose powder (CMC) - 45g
    Tylose is a high grade powder used as a hardening agent when working with fondant icing to create a quick and simple version of gum paste or modelling icing.
    NZ$ 15.90
  • GoBake gum arabic - 30g
    Also known as Acacia Gum, Gum Arabic is a natural ingredient made from the sap of acacia trees. Used to make an edible glaze or vanish for gum paste decorations or with fondant to make modelling paste.
    NZ$ 14.90
  • Gum Tragacanth - 65g
    Gum tragacanth is a natural product that adds strength and stretch to sugar products. Can be used in modelling paste, flower paste and pastillage.
    NZ$ 22.90
  • Isomalt crystals - 220g
    This reduced-calorie sweetener is used for making hard candy. It can also be used to make the edible gems, pulled sugar, blown sugar and as a sugar substitute in baking.
    NZ$ 14.90
  • Rainbow Dust edible glue - 25ml
    Rainbow Dust edible glue is a super strength, ready to use glue for cake decorating.
    NZ$ 9.90
  • Wilton Dab-N-Hold edible adhesive glue
    The quick and easy way to attach edible decorations to cakes and treats!
    NZ$ 14.90
  • Wilton large candy eyeballs
    Perfect additions to faces on pops, cookies, cupcakes and more.
    NZ$ 9.90
  • Wilton mini candy eyeballs
    Perfect additions to faces on pops, cookies, cupcakes and more.
    NZ$ 9.90
  • Wilton meringue powder - 113g
    A fine white powder made primarily from dried egg whites, with cornstarch to keep it from clumping while stored and some food gums to help it bind together easily when it is being used.
    NZ$ 21.90
  • Tragacanth Guar gum - 60g
    Tragacanth Guar gum with Arabic and xanthan gums is excellent for stabilizing and thickening icing, including fondant. A perfect, natural additive to use for modelling flowers, figures etc.
    NZ$ 15.90
  • Wilton bake easy non stick spray
    For cakes that turn out beautifully every time, start by spraying pans with Bake Easy.
    NZ$ 12.90
  • Wilton glucose - 250ml
    Essential ingredient for making gum paste.
    NZ$ 7.90
    Out Of Stock
  • LorAnn Tart & Sour fruit flavour enhancer
    Make your fruit flavors pop with the LorAnn unique Tart and Sour flavor enhancer.
    NZ$ 5.90
  • Home Style corn syrup - 500g
    Corn Syrup has an endless list of uses - used to make fillings for chocolates, to make modelling chocolate, fudge, cake decorating, brewing alcohol etc.
    NZ$ 14.90
  • Home Style chocolate buttons
    Milk chocolate buttons are delicious discs of the finest, creamy and smooth milk chocolate.
    NZ$ 7.90
  • Homestyle caramel centre
    Caramel centre has an endless variety of desserts, though most notably as a topping for ice cream or a chocolate filling, to make modelling chocolate, fudge, cake decorating etc.
    NZ$ 12.90

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