Regas Spanish tagine - 28cm

Regas Spanish tagine - 28cm
  • Regas Spanish tagine - 28cm
Create your own original Moroccan casserole in this professional Spanish tagine.

A tagine is a northern African/ Mediteranean slow cooking dish designed for casserole type meals that benefit from both a clay dish that cooks slowly and is made tender by steam.
The lid allows the steam to circulate above and around the lid while cooking, thus infusing the dish with flavour and tenderness.
Regas was founded by Beltasar Regas in 1821 in the Catalonian town of Breda making traditional pottery inherited from the Monastery of Breda Benedictine monks in the 18th century.
Made from high quality clay, the tagine dishes can be used in an oven or on direct heat.
This exceptional heat-resistant clay can withstand direct contact with heat.
As long as it is seasoned before use, it is very hard to break and offers even heat distribution for perfect natural cooking, allowing you to gently simmer your food for hours, bringing out all of the natural flavours of the ingredients while maintaining the moisture in the food.
Manufactured in Spain from natural products, Regas products are made using totally free enamels of lead, cadmium and any another metal harmful to the health, obtaining totally ecological and natural articles to enjoy the art of the good one to eat.
Can be used on stove tops - gas and electricity (for use on induction you would need an induction dis), in the oven and microwave.
Hand wash recommened.
Must be seasoned before use (soak fully submerged in cold water for a minimum of 12 hours).
Size: 28cm / 1600ml

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