Vietnamese Long Cam coffee filter

Vietnamese Long Cam coffee filter
Vietnamese cafes brew their coffee one cup at a time in a small filter called a phin.

The device sits on top of the cup, the coffee The advantage of this method is that the coffee steeps in the grounds for the proper length of time despite the small volume.
Great for people who don't have room for a coffee machine or who like to make a single cup at a time.
This method takes about 4-5 minutes from start to finish, somewhat less than brewing in a coffee machine, and it is more fun and guarantees incredible flavor.

Brewing Vietnamese coffee:
Measure out approximately one rounded tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee and place into the filter chamber.
Tap the chamber a little to settle it so it will drain evenly.
Place the filter insert lightly on top of the coffee. Spin it once or twice to even out the grinds. Do not pack it down; the weight of the insert is enough to do the job.
Wet the coffee using about 20 ml (a couple of tablespoons) of hot water, allowing the water level to rise just above the filter insert.
Wait 20 seconds for the water to sink into the coffee tyhen pour hot water in till it is almost to the top of the filter chamber.
Now it is time for the coffee to brew...
Put the cap on and wait for approximately 4-5 minutes. (If brewing is too fast or too slow, you may want to use more or less coffee next time, or finer or coarser coffee).
Lift the cap and see if the water has drained.  If it has, your coffee is ready for you to add your desired quantity of milk or sugar
(If you want to sweeten your coffee in the most authentic way, condensed milk is added the milk to the cup before brewing).

The kit includes the filter chamber, filter press, and cap.
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