Non-bleached coffee filters - 2-4 cup

Non-bleached coffee filters - 2-4 cup
100% virgin pulp, unbleached and environmentally friendly natural paper filters fit all 2-4 cup size cone style, flat base coffee drippers/ brewers including the Zero range.

Paper filters do the most thorough job in removing particulates and thus effectively trap bitter sediments for a smoother less bitter cup of coffee. In addition, paper filters allow you to use any type of grind while permanent filters require courser grinds. Finer grind coffees have a larger surface area exposed to the water so it provides a richer cup of coffee. Some permanent filters also transfer foreign taste and odor to your coffee.
Benefits of paper filters include:
Easy Clean-Up
Potentially Healthier
Environmentally Friendlier - 100% biodegradable. No bleach added.
Size: 2 to 4 cups
Qty: 80 filters papers

NZ$ 11.90
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